Eurasia Community

is a movement of Jesus-followers linking arms to take the gospel to every people group in the Eurasia Region.





The vast expanse known as Eurasia is characterized by geographic and social extremes. From the frozen plains of Siberia to the sweltering sands of North Africa, this region has posed a major challenge to missionary ministry. A variety of religions and age-old traditions dominate people’s lives, resulting in formidable resistance to the gospel. Yet woven into the fabric of every city, village, and nomadic dwelling is one common thread...

People are hungry for truth.

Today, traditional methods of evangelism are not possible in much of Eurasia because of cultural or governmental restrictions. In response to the challenges, missionaries are exploring other opportunities to establish a presence and model Christian principles. National fellowships are catching a vision for the lost of their nations and are setting goals for church planting in unreached areas. As a result, teams of believers are sharing the gospel among people groups that have never heard the name of Jesus. Even in areas where access to the gospel is severely limited, God is opening doors to reach those who are spiritually seeking.




Our Big Dream

Eurasia Community’s Big Dream is to realize a church-planting movement among every people group in Eurasia.


Our Mission

To equip, connect, and mobilize advocates, missionaries, donors, and intercessors to fulfill Eurasia’s Big Dream.


Wax Seal

This ancient symbol represents the authority, authenticity, and apostleship we walk in as we work to realize a movement.






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